Since I began my barber career in 1980, I’ve served thousands of clients from the Highland/Mac Groveland neighborhoods of St. Paul and beyond. Here’s a sample of what some current clients say about my haircuts:

Best in the Cities

“When I first moved from North Dakota to St. Paul, I spent an entire year looking up different barbers to try and find one that I liked.  After countless other butchered haircuts from so called professional barbers, I came across Greg’s well made website (https://gregzrust.com), and made an appointment.

That was almost a year ago and I’ve yet to let anyone else touch my hair since.  Greg knows exactly what looks good (and what the girls like!). I don’t think I was more descriptive than “thin it out and clean it up” and Greg was able to give me the best haircut I’ve had in my entire life.  Everyone I knew was blown away that something as simple as a good haircut could make such a difference in my appearance.  I’ll honestly never go back to another barber again.  

Greg is also just a really great guy. When I didn’t have a car in the cities, I took a cab to get to his shop, and after I told him that, he insisted that he would give me a ride back home!  He really enjoys the finer things in life, and he’d love to tell you about his Ducati motorcycle and the miles he’s put on it. He can also tell you the best places to eat, get an oil change, and buy a tie, etc. which is great since I didn’t grow up here. Try to stump him! He really is what he claims to be, a “Master Barber”.  So treat yourself to a quality haircut, and don’t worry about slightly higher price, it’ll be the best 35 bucks you’ve spent all month”

Paul C.

“Greg is an exemplary barber, with the personality and professionalism any aspiring stylist should envy.  His work is quick and careful, his hours are flexible and open, his outreach makes you feel a part of the family, and his demeanor is welcoming and warm.  I would strongly recommend his work to anyone looking for a dedicated, talented, one-man operation, at a great price.”

Drew C

“Great haircuts, great guy! It’s not just about the haircut (which is fabulous by the way, Greg has the care and concern and the expertise to cut your hair the way you want it every time), but the dining tips (i.e. taking that ride through the country to Vino in the Valley in western Wisconsin…), exchanging hunting dog stories, cool travel destinations and the latest in beer and wine selections at the local establishments! That’s the full meal deal when you go to see Greg. Hard to find that kind of personalized service these days.”

Steve R.

I drive 90 miles to see this guy

“Greg is great! Sometimes I need my hair professional, sometimes I need fun. His cuts are seriously top notch and his knowledge about the area is fantastic. You name it and he has an excellent recommendation when it comes to life in the cities. This guy should write a column. He is just a great resource and a cool guy to know. I moved and now I drive 90 miles to see this guy. Worth it every time”. Michelangelo A.

I drive about an hour from Delano

“Greg does an unreal job at cutting my hair and is a great person. Greg always has a ton of energy and always has great things to say! He takes time to know everyone of his clients personally. I always leave with a smile on my face and with a top notch haircut. Greg is the man you want to cut your hair.” – Drake H.

The image of “Barber” is what Greg Zrust is all about.

“He is the master of the scissors and shears as he delivers high quality haircuts and excellent chair-side skills. 
I have been getting my hair trimmed by Greg as young as 18 and as old as 45. 
When I left Minnesota and moved to San Francisco, I always left dissatisfied going from barber to barber in the windy city. I even flew back in town to Minnesota because I missed getting a good trim. 
Now I’m back in Minnesota and Greg is still around. 
Greg is the best barber in town!  I wouldn’t trust another barber. 
I always leave satisfied and I know that you will too.”  Mike E

Best beard trims!

“I go in for a beard trim from Greg once every 3 months or so and he does an amazing job. I was a little apprehensive my first time because his shop is more of a salon setting as opposed to a barbershop, but after getting my beard trimmed at a couple other places in Minneapolis I won’t let anyone other than Greg near my beard with sheers/clippers again; the man has a great deal of experience with beards and his company is also quite enjoyable. And although the closely tapered sides isn’t exactly my cup of tea, he’s also quite hip to the what’s currently trending in the bearded fashion world. Greg gets my vote for the best beard barber in the cities. ”                                                    Tim

“I’m a bald guy so you may wonder why I need a barber? Just so happens Greg is a fantastic beard trimmer. I found Greg by searching on beard trim and he was the first to pop up. Greg’s place of work is a 15 mile drive for me, he’s that good that! Outside of his workmanship he’s not overly verbose nor under, just like Goldilocks he’s just right….. pun intended! Greg’s pricing is super reasonable; seriously, 8 bucks for a beard trim… Really, that’s cheap. I always pay him $16 to show him how much I appreciate his fine work….. I feel like I’m still not paying enough. So to all who come across my review, Fear not, Greg is here, he’ll take your beard scraggle or locks despair away!!!!!!”

James H

Long Beard Trim and Haircut

“I went to Greg Zrust to get my 14 month beard trimmed for the first time. This is my first beard and 14 months was a long commitment, I wanted to leave it to a professional.  After talking with Greg for a few minutes I knew I could trust that my beard was in good hands. I wanted to leave a decent amount of length but clean it up.  Greg did just that.  He worked very carefully to trim out excess beard hair from under my chin and shaped it nicely.  I left looking great, in fact, I had a job interview the next day which I got an offer for.  He also cut my hair which looks great. You can really tell Greg is a great guy and likes doing what he’s doing.  He was very thorough and took his time to make sure I was satisfied. I will definitely be going back for future trims. I enjoyed my experience and the conversation. See ya next time.”

Brad S.

Quality Excellent

“I’ve been going to Greg for nearly 15 years–and I’ve just started taking my two-and-a-half year old. From a skills/technical ability, Greg is far and away the best barber I’ve ever been to. Sure, I’ve “strayed” a few times over the years,sometimes because I was travelling, or happened to be near a quick-cutchain, but I’ve always come back to Greg. His cuts simply look better and last longer.The fact is that cutting men’s hair is an art…and I think those that weren’t trained as a barber/master barber don’t get it (you know what I’m talking about…ear hairs, neck hair, eyebrows, etc.). Greg is a professional and awesome at what he does.From a personal standpoint, he’s just a really decent guy, fun to talk to and a great sense of humor. He’s the kind of person I’d  hang outwith even if I didn’t see him professionally. I’ve left things at his salon before and he has hand delivered them to my house. You don’t get service like that much anymore.And scheduling…I can call, text, email etc. and have an appointment in seconds”

Matt S

Fantastic job with Asian hair!

“Quality Excellent Really great guy- excellent hair cut, razor shave on back of neck at the end. Takes his time,good conversationalist. Does a fantastic job with my Asian hair!”

Sithu W.

Find the Best Barber in St. Paul!

“I’m new to the Twin Cities and chose Greg based on other positive reviews. They were right. I not only got an excellent haircut, I had a great time visiting and learning more about St. Paul’s best restaurants, delis, and fun spots from a St. Paul lifer who knows his city and is proud of it. While enjoying the atmosphere, I was treated to a professional cut by a guy paying attention to detail…no shortcuts…no rush. Greg enjoys what he does, does it very well, and his friendliness causes you to look forward to your next cut.”

Steve G

“Let me be clear right from the start; if you’re looking for a very high quality, modern haircut from a man who not only knows and loves his craft but also loves his clients, look no further than Greg Zrust. I moved to the Twin Cities in August, and shortly thereafter was in need of a haircut. I came from a small town, was very good friends with my barber back home and was looking for that same experience here. I Goggled, “barbers in St. Paul”, and Greg was (deservedly) right at the top of the list. I made a quick call, scheduled an appointment and before I knew it I was being treated to a fantastic haircut and some good, old-fashioned barbershop banter. Want a good place to unwind at the end of the day, or on the weekend, with some good conversation and top-notch service? Greg is your man!”

Ben L.

 “I have been going to Greg for a couple of years after trying out other barbers. The quality of the haircut and easy scheduling has made me a dedicated customer. I appreciate Greg being flexible to fit with my schedule. I recently moved farther away but will make the drive to see Greg a good barber is tough to find I’m happy to have found him”.

Matt J

“Around 2 1/2 years ago, I decided it was time to upgrade my hairstyle. After a google search, I chose Greg. I’ve been very happy since. I receive a professional styled haircut and I consistently receive compliments after my haircuts with Greg”

Andy S, DC, 53

“Wow…As a 27yr old, it had been approximately 22yrs since I had last been to a barber – I remember my Dad taking me to an old-man’s barber shop when I was 5, but apparently I’ve been missing out. Stopped in for a “clean up” trim, as I had an interview coming up and was exceedingly pleased with the entire experience.  Greg talks to you like a real person – not fake barber shop chatter.  Asking what my hair-style preferences were, he actually took the time to ask, listen and give some advice on what type of hairstyle would work best for me.  Very cool.  Like the other reviews have said – like a barber and stylist rolled in to one. Full shampoo, conditioner, cut, neck and sideburn trim with a straight blade razor, which was awesome. Also – can I just say…you know how usually when you get a haircut, your neck itches like crazy the rest of the day, and you find hairs stuck in your ears and on your forehead and in awkward places?  How you just want to shower to get rid of all of them?  NO ITCHING.  Greg used this pre-wrap type of neck wrap thing, which completely caught the hairs – no loose towel here.  So nice. Is it a little more expensive than a chain?  Yeah, but he seems like a local guy making good – you’d pay a little more for a burger and fries at a local diner than you would at McDonalds, wouldn’t you? I’m heading back for sure.”

Phil M

“Greg is a great guy fun to listen and tell stories with. I have been going to him for a few years, always gives a great cut including eyebrows trim. Highly recommend him.”

Gary B

Overall Excellent

I have been seeing Greg since I was a little kid and he has always been so wonderful! I am now going to school over an hour away and he is still the only person that I want to be styling my hair. I always get the best compliments on my hair cut after I am done, I will definitely be sad the day that Greg is no longer working in a salon. But for now I will continue to see Greg for as long as I can!!!!”

Luke S.

Consistently Excellent

“I have to add to the 5-star reviews for Greg. He manages to add a little panache and style even to thinning hair like mine. It took me a few years to find him, and I hope neither he nor I move, because it will be very difficult to find someone as consistently meticulous and intuitive as Greg. He knows how to make your hair look good. Plus, he’s a really nice guy and can tell you everything good about the area. (I now know the best coffee and chocolates in the neighborhood thanks to him!). His prices are very fair for someone with his level of skill – he really is a master barber.”- Chandy

Cure for the Common Haircut

“I’ve tried several local barbers since moving to St. Paul about a year ago, but I’m glad to say I’ve stopped shopping since discovering Greg. I tend to be ambivalent about how I want my hair cut, but I’ve learned to my sorrow how risky a thing it can be to tell a barber, “I dunno’. Just have at it.” Happily, Greg seems to have an instinctive sense of architecture where head and hair are concerned, so now I can leave the decision making to him, and leave the shop each time with a haircut that’s not just a template, but perfectly tailored to the structure of my features.”- Benjamin

The Master Barber of the Twin Cities

“Having moved here recently, I was in need of someone to cut my hair. I tried several, high-end salons paying $70 plus per cut and although nicely done in large part, they didn’t get ‘the details’. Men’s needs are different from what most salons provide as they cater toward female clientele. Details are important to me (trimming eyebrows, neck, hairline, etc) and many of the places I tried didn’t consistently provide that level of service. My problem was that most traditional barbers lack style and essentially cut to a template. Greg bridges that gap. He is current on the latest trends/styles (in addition to the classics) and consistently delivers on the details specific to men’s grooming. Every cut includes a shampoo, scalp massage, condition and great razor neck shave…and at a sane price (half of what I was paying). I highly recommend Greg for any style conscious male interested in putting his best forward.”- Sherlock

Great Barber for Young Professionals!

“Greg has been cutting my hair since I have been able to grow it! Throughout college his great haircuts were the perfect solution to keep the woman flocking! Now as young professional his great haircuts are the perfect way to augment my credibility by looking sharp in the workforce. I highly recommend Greg if you would like to upgrade your appearance!”- Daniel

Best Barber in Highland Park/Mac Groveland

“Greg Zrust has been my barber since 1998 when, after a lifetime of bad chain salon haircuts, I decided to upgrade my appearance. I’ve never looked back! Greg consistently delivers high-quality haircuts for a reasonable price. I truly appreciate his experience, professionalism, and flexible schedule, and I wouldn’t trust my hair to anyone else. If you live in the Highland Park or Mac Groveland neighborhoods of St. Paul, I highly recommend you check him out!”- Drew F.

Excellent Haircut

“I love working with Greg because he takes appropriate pride in his work, and because,in addition to an excellent, careful haircut, I get equally excellent advice on gardening, landscaping , outdoor projects… Greg clearly cares about his clients as real people, and I’m proud to consider him a friend.”

Chad W.

Talented Hair Stylist

“Greg is a reliable and talented hair stylist. *Very* accommodating to my schedule, great results, and worth the money. I never feel rushed, and always feel like I got a great cut. I’m not usually one to be a big chatter with the barber, but he’s also very personable and enjoyable to chat with. I first found him almost randomly when I moved to the area years ago, and he has been my only haircutter since.”

– Craig E.

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Featured on CBS News, Best Salons for Men in Minnesota July 29, 2014

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I was awarded the Angie’s List award, 2013-2017.

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