Pacific Northwest trip, Labor Day 2013

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Laura and I flew out to Seattle the morning of September 2 2013. I rented a Mustang convertible and we started out towards Mount Rainier. That turned out to be a bad idea, it was in the clouds and wasn’t visible. On to Mount St. Helen’s , (I’ve been wanting to see since I felt it May 18th 1980). Yes I felt it, while cutting hair @ the Handlebar that morning. The ground shook below my feet for several seconds! Mount St. Helen’s was a sight to see and learn more about .

Entering Mt Rainier

Entering Mt Rainier

Mustang in front of winery

Mustang in front of winery


We then drove to Portland OR. The next day into wine country, (Pinot Noir region) did some sampling then rode along the coast north on HWY 101 to Sea Side OR. below is a picture of one of the largest “Haystacks” in the US.


Across the Columbia river into Washington to Point Townsend,a cute town. The next day was the 3 day ‘Wooden Boast Festival”, 1,000 old wooden boats and a crowd nearing 35,000. We drove to Port Angeles, boarded a huge ferry with our Mustang and enjoyed a ride over to Victoria Island IMG_5245B.C. IMG_5595IMG_5219
What a beautiful place. We stayed in Victoria 2 days, went to Butchart gardens where I took hundreds of pictures…

We ferried over to Vancouver Saturday morning, first stop Vancouver Ducati/BMW motorcycle dealer where I picked up some t-shirts, then into downtown.
We saw a bunch of sites, but when we looked for a place to stay, we found the whole town was booked up, what? By 3;00 we were driving to Seattle-USA.
Three hours later we found a Marriott in downtown Seattle for the last 2 nights.We visited the Space Needle, Pikes Place market and roamed all over.
7 days, 1,100 miles, we want to go back again….

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