Fall motorcycle trip the the Ozarks. End of Oct 2012

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I had to go on one more good ride of motorcycling before putting it away for the winter. What a better idea than a trip down south, out of Minnesota and into warmer temperatures and nice fall colors. My friend Craig suggested back in August that we plan a trip to the Ozarks in southern Missouri and go riding with his group of pilot buddies. Sounded good to me…… plus we included doing it the easy way, driving my truck pulling an enclosed trailer. Craig called his bud’s and got it all organized, all we had to do is get there.

Check out the slick way of securing and balancing my Ducati to the trailer. Its a Pit bull “through the rear wheel and bolted to the floor” way of doing it.

Steve below and the house we stayed at hundreds of feet above Table rock lake, thanks Glen, our host!

Talk about perfect roads, uncluttered, dry and roller coaster like. The temps in between 75* and 85*
We rode 300 miles one day and 250 the second. Day three was very windy just before a huge nasty cold-front blew in.That was when it was time to quit and head home day on day four.

Here is Delta’s finest pilots/motorcyclist’s. left to right,
Al from Texas, Steve from Kansas, and Craig from Lakeville.

 Here is our favorite road in the area, they named it “Race Track road”. I’ll I can say is wow…..
Dan from Baxter Minnesota was the high mileage king. 1400 miles down and back, 600 in the Ozarks. You win. He wanted to prove he could ride all the way down around and back. He did, but on his way home the temps dropped from 73* to 46* in about an 20 minutes, then he had 500 more miles to go before he was home. When Dan pulled into his garage, it was starting to snow & 36*  He thanked me for  making him purchase a heated jacket and controller and hooking it all up for him before starting this adventure.
Dan below on his BMW Adventure 1200.

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