July 4th 2012

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Boy, what a hot trip this one was.
Day 1, when we started out, it was already 95* with high humidity. We rode up to Taylor Falls had lunch, then up through Hayward WI on our way up to Doug & Lisa’s place up in Ironwood MI.
Day 2, cool morning, like 70 *when we left Ironwood. Rode up around Wakefield Mi along Lake Superior all the way up to Copper Harbor. Very enjoyable temps and great roads. Looked around had lunch then rode different roads back to Ironwood.
Had dinner with Doug & Lisa and stayed at their home.
Day 3, July 4th, left the Hippe house and rode towards Duluth. Before Ashland, we went into heavy- dense fog, not fun at all on motorcycles! Stopped in Ashland for breakfast and by the time we were done, the fog lifted…. we make a stop @
“Grizz works” and checked out all his unbelievable chainsaw wood art.
back on the road, it was back up to the mid 80’s then we started the long descent in Superior, wow the temperature dipped down to 72* fantastic! Onwards through Duluth then westwards on Mn Hwy 210. A long boring road with peat bogs for 100 square miles. Finally rode into Brainerd and made it to Dan and Theresa’s lake home on White Sand lake.
First thing, kiss my wife Laura , jump into the lake to cool off and play with Daisy in the water

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